Dr hab. Marek Wolf

     Born July 10-th, 1956, Nowa Ruda, Poland
     Children: daughter Magdalena, born 20 July 1993 and Marta, born 24 April 1999
Nationality: Polish
Work Address:  Cardinal  Stefan  Wyszynski  University,  Faculty  of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. College of Sciences
ul. Woycickiego 1/3, PL-01-938 Warsaw,   Poland, e-mail:

     Department of Physics, University of Wrocaw, 1975-78




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Grants received: 1992 and 1993-1995 : individual grants from Polish Scientific Committee, 1994-1997 : principal investigator, grant from Polish Scientific Committee.

Research interests: In the late seventies and in the early eighties I was working on strings and supersymmetry. For short time I was interested in stochastic quantization. In 1984 I bought the famous ZX Spectrum computer and I turned from quantum field theory to fractals and chaos. In particular I was interested in Cellular Automata, Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, fractal growth processes, multifractality, Self-Organized Criticality and recently in the distribution of prime numbers and quantum chaos. I am writing my programs in Fortran, Pascal and I am familiar with Reduce, Maple and Pari. In my early works on DLA i wrote several routines in assembly language.

Teaching Experience: For many years I was teaching students at University of Wrocaw. I gave among others courses on quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, fractals and chaos, algorithms and data structures, electrodynamics I and II, probability, mathematical economy, mathematical aspects of tomography. Supervisor of seven master degree thesis. I have been interviewer of applicants for physical, mathematical and computer sciences studies for many years.

Other experience: Co-organizer of the XXXI Karpacz Winter School. Referee of two Ph.D. thesis and three habilitation thesis. Many times I was a grant reviewer for the Polish Scientific Committee.